Mellow Fellow: Pioneers in Alternative Cannabinoids

Mellow Fellow was founded by a team of experts, including a Ph.D. chemist, an innovative pharmacist, and a determined cannapreneur. With extensive experience in cannabis, pharmaceuticals, and chemistry, their mission is to create safe, high-quality cannabis products that consumers can trust.

About Mellow Fellow

The origins of Mellow Fellow trace back to a simple client request: "Can you make Delta 8?" Leveraging over 30 years of experience, the chemist developed a process that transformed the business. By combining pharmacist formulations with safe production methods, Mellow Fellow quickly rose to prominence as a leading Delta 8 oil producer. As demand surged, the founders expanded their team, bringing in family members and hemp enthusiasts to support their growing business.

Mellow Fellow takes pride in producing high-quality oils and receiving positive feedback from customers. This success led them to establish their brand, Mellow Fellow, moving beyond their white-labeling roots. Today, they offer a full range of alternative cannabinoids using proprietary formulations and unique blends. These blends are designed to address specific needs such as sleep, stress, and creativity. Every product is third-party lab tested to ensure the highest purity and safety.

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