Explore GRAV: Precision Instruments for Elevated Cannabis Consumption

Discover GRAV's collection of precision instruments designed for the discerning cannabis enthusiast. From bubblers to hand pipes, each product reflects GRAV's commitment to artistry, design, and functionality, ensuring an elevated smoking experience.

GRAV's Journey

GRAV was born out of a deep desire to create precision instruments for consuming cannabis. With roots in artistry, design, and functionality, GRAV has remained at the forefront of innovation in the cannabis industry. Every piece is meticulously designed, prototyped, and inspected for quality at their headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Since its inception in 2004, GRAV has grown from a handful of products into entire families and brands, covering every major category of pipe. GRAV’s journey began in a creative community in early 00’s Austin, where artists from all walks of life united through their passion for art. It was here, amidst pedicabs and billowing cannabis smoke, that GRAV was born.

The revolutionary Gravitron, the first all-glass gravity bong, remains the most efficient way to smoke flowers. From sculptors to glass-blowers, GRAV’s eclectic team brought this groundbreaking product to life, setting the stage for their commitment to innovation and quality.

Destino Farms' Commitment

At Destino Farms, we're dedicated to bringing you the best from brands like GRAV. We believe in curating a collection of grand brands from worldwide to fulfill your cannabis needs. Our selection of GRAV products, including bubblers, hand pipes, and more, reflects our commitment to quality and variety.

As GRAV works to build a cannabis space that is just, equitable, and responsible, we proudly support its mission. Through our partnership with GRAV, we aim to provide you with access to precision instruments that elevate your cannabis consumption experience.

Join us in discovering GRAV's mantra of "Find Your Higher Self" and explore our selection of GRAV products today. Elevate your smoking experience with precision instruments designed for the discerning cannabis enthusiast.

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