Cannabis Strains You Need to Know for Anxiety Relief

Cannabis Strains You Need to Know for Anxiety Relief

Anxiety comes in different forms because of varied reasons for various people. Psychological problems, anger, fear, bad experiences, tension, and so many things affect millions of people giving them anxiety at some point or another. It is not irrecoverable. The right methods and medications can take you from being anxious to happy and relaxed.

Treating anxiety is a complex task and requires individual attention. There are many natural and pharmaceutical treatments to treat anxiety. Combined with proper therapy, these treatments show very positive symptoms of anxiety relief.

Medical cannabis is one such treatment that is gaining huge popularity among people suffering from anxiety. In conjunction with traditional therapies, cannabis helps people suffering from anxiety to achieve calmness.

Cannabis Strains for Anxiety Relief

Cannabis is a psychoactive drug found in cannabis plants native to South Asia and has been used for centuries as a traditional medicine. It comes in three categories: the Indica strain with high CBD to treat sleeplessness and promote relaxing body sensations, the Sativa strain to reduce anxiety and increase creativity & focus, and the third Hybrid, a mixture of both Sativa and Indica.

Each strain has certain effects and differences to treat different problems. It is good to understand the difference between all three as there is no one-size-fits-all when you talk about cannabis and its effects on the human body.  Different strains work differently for everyone. So, always seek professional advice before diving in the sea.

Indica Strains to Relieve Anxiety

Indica strains with high CBD (non-psychoactive ingredient) and low THC (psychoactive ingredient) mean more relaxation and calmness but no sleepiness. Indica strains are the perfect choice to manage anxiety without being high. Following are some Indica Strains to treat anxiety easily:


Always on the top of the list, ACDC is an Indica dominant strain that has higher CBD and very low THC levels along with myrcene terpenes normally to promise a great anxiety-relieving method.

Master Kush

People suffering from anxiety and also struggling to sleep, often need a good option to treat both stress and insomnia. Master Kush is the best Indica strain for such people as myrcene is the dominant terpene in this strain with 1% CBD to react quickly to anxiety and sleep. 


Cannatonic is worth considering to fight any anxiety issues and it has 0% THC making it best for people who prefer 0 psychoactive effects but still want to combat anxiety. With 12% CBD and three dominant terpenes – myrcene, linalool, and beta-caryophyllene in this strain, Cannatonic becomes a smart choice for people to relax without being high. 

Sativa Strains to Relieve Anxiety

Sativa strains with marijuana dominance usually help a person gain mental clarity while uplifting the energy level and making the whole experience euphoric. Sativa is comparatively heavier than Indica so it is perfect for bedtime hours and may be too sedative for daylight hours. It works to combat fatigue so users can pick any strain. Let’s have a look at a few:

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a classic Sativa strain mostly considered for its not-so-heavy sedation and still reducing anxiety effects. This strain has a mid-range THC potency which is great for dealing with stress symptoms and allows you to get relaxed as the percentage of myrcene terpene in it lets the consumer feel rich and great.


This Sativa strain has a 5:2 of CBD to THC to offer a great option to people looking for strains to relieve anxiety without worrying about being high. The overall experience of the strain with around 10% CBD helps consumers deal with their anxiety and stress in as little as 10 minutes. It is also known for having 3 terpenes commonly known best for stress and anxiety reduction.

Hybrid Strains to Relieve Anxiety

Hybrid strains offer the best of both strains to let you experience Indica and Sativa together without being too focused on any of them.

T9:C9 Warlock

An evenly balanced hybrid strain with 9% of both THC and CBD makes the best choice for consumers suffering from anxiety and are willing to get high. Combining these two cannabinoids with the best terpenes makes it the best option for people with tension and stress.

White Widow

Among the most used strains, White Widow stands top of the list of medicinal cannabis. It can uplift mood and handle stress as it has an impressive amount i.e. 20% of the THC potency making it a great profile to fight anxiety.

ACDC Cookies

ACDC is a combination of 10% CBD and 4% THC making it best for daytime intake to control anxiety and a great controlling hybrid strain to handle your stress without you being deeply associated with it.

Things to take care

Understand that no matter how much a strain attracts you, every strain has different effects and can lead you towards different feelings. Be prepared to experiment and then go for one that suits you the best. Every strain works differently on distinct bodies. You need to choose the best suitable for you. Consult your doctor to understand your right fit.

Medicinal cannabis is considered an excellent potent with great anxiety-relieving effects but as the THC level is usually high in these strains, there can be adverse effects. It is important to start slow with dosage to avoid any adverse effects and gradually increase it to understand how it reacts to your body.

Don’t forget to get the right terpene profile for your cannabis. Terpenes are directly linked to anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects. Choosing the right terpene means choosing your right tolerance of the strain without being overly dependent on the cannabis.


Are medicinal cannabis safe for anxiety?

While the topic is still under research, the results published to date show positive signs of anxiety relief and calming symptoms. It is crucial to get a professional consultation before beginning with any medical cannabis, but you can also ask your choice to get the right suggestion for you.

Which is the best strain for me?

Well, this is a matter of personal preferences as individual choices differ. It is important to consult your doctor to understand the right fit for you. Get to know how your body reacts to THC and CBD levels and consult your doctor to understand its reaction with your medical history.

How should I consume it to handle my anxiety?

Medicinal cannabis comes in different forms. Many parts of the US have legalized smokable cannabis. You can take it in the form of vapes or also in the form of edibles. The consumption method also affects the speed of effects in your body. Don’t forget to ask your doctor for the most suitable method.


You need to discover the right strain to fight your anxiety. You cannot do that without trying. It can be a daunting process. But with the right research and the right consultation, you can use the right cannabis and manage your problem effectively.

The facts and details mentioned above are just to help you. Don’t be afraid of experimenting. You will find the perfect fit in time. Remember, medicinal cannabis is a natural alternative to treat your anxiety and you just have to do the right research for the right choice.

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