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Our Delta-8 crumbles provide the most potent but relaxing experience. If you’re looking to end the day feeling relaxed and forget about the stresses of the day, then you’ll love our Delta-8 crumbles.

Our Delta-8 THC distillate crumbles are perfect for vaping and dabbing, or you can even mix it with your favorite herbs and roll it into a joint. When you smoke our Delta-8 crumbles, you will inhale a terpy smoke with a rich and deep flavor.

This is the perfect blend of terpenes and Delta-8 to help you to feel relaxed. THC is instrumental in relieving symptoms of anxiety and stress, reducing inflammation in the body, mitigating the symptoms of chronic pain conditions, and helping to promote a restful night’s sleep.

At Destino Farms, we devote a lot of time, care, and attention to each of our products to give our customers the best experience. We love what we do, our products, and most importantly, we love providing our customers with the means to enjoy the mental and physical health benefits of cannabinoids.