Discover Cycling Frog: Your Cannabis Companion

Welcome to the Cycling Frog Collection at Destino Farms, where cannabis meets accessibility, quality, and fun. Explore the range of THC and CBD-infused gummies, beverages, and brownies designed for every comfort level. Don’t miss the Cycling Frog Chocolate Brownies!

Cycling Frog's Approach

Cycling Frog is more than just a brand. They work in the field like they have a movement. Cycling Frog believes in normalizing cannabis consumption by making it affordable, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone. 

Whether you've been indulging for decades or just want a chill moment during your kid's soccer game, the brand has got you covered. The products are crafted with care and precision, and range from low to high potency, ensuring there's something for everyone.All the products range from Cycling From Gummies to THC Selzer, the brand takes care of different things. Products are made with 100% Hemp Extract and are designed to microdose. Cycling Frog follows child-resistant packaging while making them vegan and gluten-free. They add no artificial flavors. Products are lab-tested and offer you a wide range of flavors with a full spectrum.

Destino Farms' Commitment

At Destino Farms, we're dedicated to bringing you the best from brands like Cycling Frog. We scour the globe to curate a selection of top-quality THC and CBD-infused products, ensuring you have access to the finest cannabis experiences. 

With Cycling Frog's diverse range of gummies, beverages, and brownies, we're proud to fulfill your cannabis needs with products designed for your comfort and enjoyment. Plus, with our easy-to-navigate shopping options, finding the perfect product for you is a breeze.

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