The Bloomer Idea - From plantable wax filter tips to cones!

Welcome to our Bloomer collection, where innovation meets sustainability in every puff.

handcrafted artisanal cones by Bloomer

Indulge in the handcrafted artisanal cones by Bloomer, meticulously rolled with organic unbleached rolling paper sourced from renewable solar energy in France. Paired with the revolutionary bloom wildflower-blooming filter tip, these cones deliver a smooth, cool smoke experience. After use, simply plant the tip to bloom wildflowers and support our bee friends.

Explore the 1-1/4 Cones range, perfect for a .75g fill, or opt for the Queen-size cones, fitting approximately 1.5g of your favorite material. Both sizes are 100% organic, vegan-friendly, and decomposable, ensuring a guilt-free smoking experience.

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But that’s not all – get to know the world of plantable wildflower-blooming filter tips. Crafted from a top-secret blend of organic waxes and noninvasive wildflower seeds, these tips make rolling a breeze while providing a protective barrier for the seeds within. After use, watch as your discarded tip blossoms into beautiful wildflowers, thanks to our environmentally conscious design.

Miami, USA, is the place where each Bloomer product is engineered and made with love, offering you a smoking experience that’s both conscious and luxurious. But you can now get all of their products at Destino Farms.

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