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Our CBD smokables are right here! CBD smokables are the best way to maximize the benefits of cannabis use. You will get high from our smokables with the added benefits of CBD!
If you prefer to roll your joints, we have some CBD white hemp flower for you to get rollin’ with.

Or, if you just haven’t got the hang of rolling yet (don’t worry, it’s hard!), we have some convenient CBD prerolls. Whatever your deal is, we’ve got what you need.

A CBD joint is a great way to take the edge off without using tobacco, which can be pretty damaging to your health. With our CBD smokables, you can enjoy all the benefits of the cannabis plant without inhaling toxic chemicals.

Check out our CBD smokables collection made with Delta-8 and terpenes! You will get a light high to help you chill out and reach a content headspace. We love what we do at Destino Farms, and we place care and energy into making the best possible products for you.